יום ראשון, 15 במאי 2011

Agree or Disagree

- All people are equal.
Agree. I think this statement is extremely important. I believe that everybody is equal and there are no differences between us, people should be treated the same way. I'll justify my answer with two examples:
1. Democracy. While electing a new leader in democracy, each citizen is allowed to vote, no matter what is his level of income, his wealth, social status, religion or race. Each vote equals the same as the others and is as important.
2. The rule of law. All of us are equal when it comes to the rule of law. When you come to court, as a result of something you did, it doesn’t matter if you are rich, poor, skinny, fat, or from any religion or faith, you will be treated the same way as the others.
Unfortunately, in reality this statement is not always implemented, but I think we should try to work by this principal in our life as much as possible.

- Dictator can be easily overthrown.
Disagree. It is very hard to overthrow a dictator. Usually a dictator controls his country with fear, in aggressive ways, in which he uses the army and police to go against the citizens.
However, I believe that it is possible to initiate protests and demonstrations against a dictator. (Recent developments in the Middle East in the recent few months demonstrate that it is possible). It requires courage and willingness sometimes to risk lives, when you challenge a dictatorship. Then, it is needed to build on a bigger support from more people with in the country and obviously from abroad, as well.
There is no program for how to remove a dictator from his office, but history proved that these developments are possible, although as I explained, it's dangerous and might cause lives of many people.

יום שישי, 18 במרץ 2011

Nitzan's Times

Dinosaurs are BACK
A very funny and weird sight was caught by a group of tourists while they were walking in the streets of Los Angeles. A group of funny dressed young people were seen carrying a huge egg around the streets of LA. Bystanders and tourists who walked by soon spread the word, and lots of cameras and journalists came by and took the picture below. The group was in a hurry and didn’t agree to answer to too much of the journalists questions, except to one of them. Apparently the young group is a team of scientists who investigate interesting and rare occasions and situations that happen in the United States. They told the interviewer that their team of divers dived into one of the seas in Los Angeles, and found an enormous egg at the bottom. From their investigations they found that the egg must be a descendant of dinosaurs. This is a huge event and they are in a hurry to deliver the egg to their special habitat and take care of it as fast as they can. After telling the story they rushed to go and were having trouble due to the crowd that was gathering around them. At the end they were able to go on their way. A bystander who saw the whole thing said: "I just walked down the street, shopping with my wife, when suddenly I saw the egg. At first I burst out laughing, but then I actually realized that this is something serious. I am happy to be one of the lucky people who got to be at this kind of event." So we defiantly agree that this is not a regular event, and meanwhile we got updated that the growing egg is okay as for right now. We will update you with new information.

יום חמישי, 10 בפברואר 2011

Outsiders persuasive writing

Hi my name is Nitzan, and I heard you just moved to town. I can see you are a bit confused from all the groups that are separated over here and you don’t really know which group you should join, Greasers or Socs. I personally think you should join to us, the Greasers, because first of all we're all one big family. Whenever one of us needs help, we will all be there for him. Yes, we like to fight and we do use violence, but only when we defend ourselves, mostly from the Socs. The Socs are spoiled and violent, who like to 'jump' us, which means to attack us, and start threatening us. They get drunk often, and don’t control their acts, and it already happened lots of times, that we Greasers got hurt badly because of the them. We maybe look tougher, but we aren’t, and the friends in our gang always help each other when you need. Although we're maybe known as the lower class people, and the Socs probably have better living conditions, they don’t know what real and close friends are.
I think you should join us because eventually, what matters is the people who will be beside you when you need them, and not how the people beside you dress, or how much money they have. So I hope I helped you a bit to understand what's going on over here, and I and the gang would be very happy if you decide to join us.

יום ראשון, 17 באוקטובר 2010

'The Outsider' Anticipation Guide

-You can tell a lot about a person by the physical appearance-
Disagree. By my opinion, you can't tell how a person is, and how his personality is by just looking at him.
A person that you might think that you won't like, can maybe be a very nice person in real life, but if you won't really get to know him, you can’t know. Looking at a person and judging him, can maybe give us a clue how that person acts, but it can not tell us how is personality is, if he is funny or sad etc.
A person can not dress with the new fashion clothes, and then you will think that he is something that he is not, but when you will get to know him, you will maybe discover that he is the same as you.
I think people shouldn’t judge others only by there look, also they should try to talk with them, and maybe try to know them, and then decide whether you would like to stay friends with them or not.

-The loss of a family member or close friend can have positive effects-
Agree and disagree. I disagree because when you lose somebody who was close to you in a certain way, you feel very bad and sad, and usually you want to be alone, and to not talk with anyone. Though, it is always hard to deal with a loss, from the other side, sometimes there can be positive affects like it can make you and your family closer, and sometime you can discover who your real friends are, and even sometimes maybe you will find that people you didn’t even think that will be with you in your hard times, will be there for you.

יום שבת, 18 בספטמבר 2010

"Tell-tale Heart" Edgar Allan Poe

"Tell-tale Heart" Edgar Allan Poe

I was asked in class to choose the clip that I prefer the most. I picked the third version of the 'Tell tale heart' by Edgar Allan Poe.
I picked that version because it helped me the most to understand the story. It was not long at all, and was told by a puppet. Of course it was with a sense of humor, another reason why I liked that clip the most. The puppet did talk very fast but it didn’t matter because I still understood the story, and not like the other clips, this one was very short and effective.

Though I think the readers can understand the story from all the clips, I think they will understand the story the best from the first clip.
Because even though the quality of the video isn’t very good, this clip tells the entire story, detail by detail, and the reader can understand the story perfectly.

Nitzan Harari

יום חמישי, 16 בספטמבר 2010

"Monkey's Paw" Gist Statement

Settings - India.
Character - Mr & Mrs White, Herbert White, sergunt major, Monkey's paw.
Conflicts - Curse, greed, wish, remorse, visit.

Mr and Mrs White just moved to India. Mr white's name is Herbert White. They moved because of Mr White's job. He works as a sergunt major. Mr white is a very greedy man, he always wants more than what he has, and because of that he is not nice at all. Because he didn't treet people nicely, a mystery woman came to his house for a visit, and cursed him. Mr White didnt think that curse was real untill alot of bad things started to happen to him. One of them was that he was attacked by a monkey, and the monkey's paw scratched his face and he was in real pane. He remorsed about all the things he have done, and wished that he had never move to India.

Nitzan Harari